Thursday, March 31, 2011

You can figure things out by tinkering!

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  1. After reading an article on learning styles called 'Let us Learn' (NZ Principal june 2005)in conjunction with my wish to cater for those within my class,I began googling.

    I fully believe in the power of discovery and can see how the video offers ideas on how to allow the kids to problem solve through tinkering. It allows them to choose their way, ie with a group and in discussion, by themselves, by making a drawing first or just plain getting started. I like the way he says that the kids learn that nothing follows a smooth process (planned out or not) and that's ok. It just leads to more problem solving and enjoyable chaos.

    I think that if parents allow us to do this and the teacher offers the children that all allusive TIME instead of a schedule that has to squeeze the curriculum into it, the children will benefit in their belief in their own competence and see failure as an opportunity to learn, not the end of the journey.